The table of Ibarboure brothers

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For the story, it is the second time that I eat in this restaurant.

« The table of Ibarboure brothers » what is it?

It’s a gastronomic family restaurant located in Bidart (French basque country). Currently, it works thanks to 2 brothers from the 3rd generation of the family. Xabi and Patrice having their own sector, salty for one and sweet for the other one.

At the beginning of the restaurant, there were the brothers Martin and Philippe. They decided to work separatly in order to enable their child to work with them.

So, Philippe kept the Table, as Martin, he re-opened the michelin starred restaurant Brikétenia.

We talk about a family story because their wifes and their children joined their passion and work with them, for some of them for many years.

Little things about the ride. The restaurant is well hidden, after more or less tumultuous roads to the access. At one moment, on these roads some signs will indicate you the direction. There is a parking lot in order to park your car near the entrance.

The welcome, TOP TOP TOP, smiles,  little attentions, …

The room is great, we have to walk along a hallway to enter this room. Each table is separated from the others by a pretty wooden screen. All is in intimate, there is a lot of space in order to you to be confortable. So, we have lunched inside and we have took our coffee at the outside seating area, overhanged by trees and continued by a large garden.

Let’s continue with the lunch. I choose de menu « Coup de coeur » which cost 127 euros for 2 persons, wine and coffee included. The menu changes oftenly.

Above the menu. We had the same appetizers, the same starter and the same desert. We had the choice, at the main course, between the fish and the meat. I took the fish, he took the meat Hahahhaah.

Let’s continue with the meal details. I can’t give you all the details for each plate because there is too much details, you will have the main elements ^^.


The appetizers’ theme was earth and sea. Here we have the both about sea.

The spoon: White fish, spicy by few lemon.

Sea urchin shell: It was an emulsion, under shellfish without their shell were hidden.

We could find different textures (mousse, soft, crunchy). It was great, I liked that. I was a little septic but the lemon wasn’t strong, neither the smell nor the taste of the seafood. It was well balanced.

Now let’s go to the earth side.

The little spoon: It was a little ball, like jelly. You have to eat it at once because when the ball opens it frees something liquid (taste melon). It’s surprising, like a juice, you have to swallow it quickly. Flash appetizer ^^.

The little bowl: It was my favourite appetizer, Goat’s cheese mousse with pepper underneath, TOP TOP TOP.

After these 4 wonderfull appetizers we had a last one, it was copious.


Served in a water lily shaped plate, I ate country ham on a Burrata ice which was hidding an aubergine caviar. Really good.




I liked this starter. A mix between vegetables differently cooked, grilled, smoked, raw, dried…With a meat juice and some cubes of fried foie gras. Really nice and delicious.




I choose the fish. For me, there were two main elements in this plate, red mullet in cuttlefish crust and the Txangurro raviolis (using the flesh of the spider crab). Its a little bit strong but it’s fine thanks to the lemon squid consommé which waters the dish.

Among these elements we have the juice and above a lot of little tasty foods, petals, sea foods , small plants…




Here, we have the beef cheek with a slice of foie gras. On each side we have baker potatoes (seasoning, we have thyme, laurel and red wine beef juice.)




Restyled pie. First we had a white circle which was the base (we don’t know exactly what it was), it was quite soft and we took it like it was a cream. Above the circle we had strawberry jam, then a kind of cream/mousse above that we can see well on the picture, some pieces of fresh strawberries and some pistachios. We also can find the lemon taste.




Some little madeleines barely out of the oven. Delicious.



With the coffee, that we took outside to enjoy the good weather in the garden, we had 3 mini-pastries per person.

The macaroon was liquorice, the square was chocolate, and the marshmallow was coconut taste.

Really happy to have been in this restaurant again.

I really recommand you to go there. It’s not prohibitively, and no, we are not hungry at the end of the meal XD

Skippie ^^


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