2015.02.01 Ed Sheeran in Clermont Ferrand

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I’m at the beginning of this beautiful crappy plan that I have never known in my life.

It’s Yukiko who made me discover Ed Sheeran. One night while I was watching live of Sir Ed Sheeran,  I told myself that it would be nice if we can go to see him in live… and here we are in this crazy adventure: Yukiko, Elodie (our dear partner) and me. We had our tickets since October, so we were very impatient. This article will be in 2 parts: the first about the concert and another one about our adventure!!!!!!

The concert:

No suspense, It was perfect.


We were at the top of the Zenith. We had the view on all tings. The crow was impressive.

The first part, Ryan Keen, I find that it is the same style as Ed Sheeran. He sings and plays guitar very well, beautiful timbre of voice. His songs are nice.

I complained because during the first part no big screen was on, so I believed that there were no one.

And Ed arrived!!!!!! And then different mobile screens switched on!!!!! It was like a puzzle between images of Ed and original animations or images of his music videos. It was a very good job all these associations of images. There were really cool creations, a lot of colors and sometimes images of Ed Sheeran were in flame or in a weird texture. So, special mention for the visual effects on the screens.

The musical prestation was perfect. He played old songs and new songs from the album Multiply. Sometimes he mixed 2 songs at the same time, it was really well done and with that we can see that he is a genius. He is really good musician, he recorded some vocal effects before a song with the stuff where you push with your foot, he used it also to record some parts of guitar (I never know the name of this stuff).


It was a real pleasure to see him in live. He is good in live, no surprise like a different voice or wrong note each time he opens his mouth, the voice on CD…well it’s the same in real life.

For me on the top of the top we have Michael Jackson and Miyavi…since this first february, Ed joined their team, such an honor for him. I would like the concert last longer ><.

I see fire was just beautiful *o* with images of Smaug!!!! i loved Lego House with a Lego Ed and a Lego Ron Weasley. This song is just magnificient and give goose bumps every time I hear it.


Conclusion, I am very happy to have seen Monsieur Ed Sheeran and above all with my two partners.



For me, crappy things began the day before, so the saturday. I had to do group homeworks for the university, I spent the night on it, saying myself that I will be tranquil on sunday for the concert. WRONG. I did anything in the part of my homework, with all to remake from the beginning, I was so angry.

Then, we stopped one the highway to find chains for the car’s wheel (because we were worried about the snow),  and well, while I was doing the idiot girl with Yuki and Elo in the snow (I suppose that it’s at this moment) i lost my cellphone T.T. So, during the concert when Ed Sheeran wanted us to light our phone to make nice, I wanted to cry.

Then, as roads were completely under the snow (and as we didn’t find chains for the car) we made a terrible slide. Yuki handled and controled it.

The snow pissed me of: SHE took my phone and SHE almost took our lives…conclusion, the snow is greedy @.@

Positive point, we ate well on the road and we had a lot of fun, we took a lot of beautiful photos. (Well, not me as I had lost my phone). Then it will always make cute little anecdotes to tell.


Ah! Another positive point is that my new phone is better than the lost one T.T

Yeah Skippie.


Ed Sheeran and the deadly trip will be the name of this weekend. I will remember it for a looooooong time!

Seriously, all began very well (for me, not for Skippie, she was in trouble with some of her works for the university).

We took the road under an amazing sun shining from Bordeaux that promised us a nice trip without trouble… And this wonderful sun abandoned us 2 hours later, when we were near from Brive La Gaillarde. We finished under a sky full of heavy clouds  of snow… and the fucking troubles began.

20150201_145446 20150201_153839 20150201_154805 20150201_170054

 Because we were really scary about the snow on the road, we stopped at every motorway rest area that we met with hope to find and buy snow chains for our approach to Clermont… And finally, THIS area showed its nose, and our mental age declined at 5 years old.

20150201_160932 20150201_161033 20150201_161209 20150201_161321(0)

After this moment appropriate of a schoolyard, we discovered that our size of wheel was fucking bastard, and our last chance to buy snow chains disappeared. And Skippie finished us when we found that she lost her phone…

With a heavy heart, we left the area that saw us arrived with stars in the eyes, and returned on the road with tears.We didn’t know at this moment, but 1h30 on and under the snow waited for us… and our mini-death too. We were technically dead all of 3 for 10 seconds. We saw our life flashed by when the car that we followed started to slip on the slop… and I lost the control of my car too… like the one who followed us… and I confess that I scared shitless when I saw after this one that it was a bus next. Finally, more frightened than hurt (if we forget that I contracted too much myself and my right shoulder is stabbing at me now…), but our apprehension kept to grow up when we understood that we had still 40min to do.

Close to the distress, we cursed Ed Sheeran, and proclaimed some death threats on him if he decided to cancel his concert.

18h45, we parked the car haphazardly on the first parking lot that we found. Here we were for 10min of walk in a cold that can freeze an auk (how that I exaggerate?) to reach the zenith. In the concert hall, the mission was to find 3 seats side by side and not too much rubbish (even if the concert will begin in few minutes). And I think we did that not too bad. Well we were very high (we were almost able to touch the roof!) but we were in front the stage exactly.


And strangely , all my stress flew away PFIOUF! As if I didn’t drive for 6 hours and as if we didn’t kiss the Death.


I am totally in love of the first show that we had. Ryan Keen. Remember this name, please. In addition of the fact that he makes some good music, he is really adorable on stage. He did some really good jokes, and the contact with the public was amazing. I was surprised when I saw how he reached to put the public in his pocket, it’s the first time that I see that.

20h, the concert so waited begins. It was magic. So good. To have shivers down your spine at every song. Ed Sheeran knows how to make turn on his public (who was with all the ages possible). The staging was incredible with all this big screens who showed Ed Sheeran on stage, or some bits of music video, or some images relating to the song (yeah, it will be a lil dumb if they show some moments of Ramsay’s kitchen Nightmares during I see Fire XD)

It’s crazy the presence that he has on stage. He is alone but he is enough for him. I always find this extraordinary. If we didn’t think that before the concert, it’s clear that Ed Sheeran is a fucking artist.

I tried to remember the setlist (there are some chances that i forgot or mix some songs… and please, don’t pay attention about my voice on the videos >.<)

  1. I’m a Mess
  2. Lego House (I have gone completely crazy when I saw the Lego of Ron on the big screen… I knoooooooow, my brain is a mess u_u) 

  3. Don’t / No Diggity / Nina
  4. Drunk (He made us scream so loud… even if he tried to make us sing hahha)
  5. Take it back/Superstition (stevie wonder) 
  6. One / Photograph (He asked us to be quiet… amazingly he succeeded!)
  7. Bloodstream
  8. Kiss me / Tenerife Sea 
  9. Can’t Help Falling In Love (elvis presley)/Thinking Out Loud 
  10. I See Fire (the apparition of Smaug is amazing and I wanted to scream Benediiiiiiiiict!!!) 
  11. The A Team
  12. Give Me Love

Encore :

  1. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You / In Da Club / I’m So Fancy (or how to put the fire on 6 500 persons)
  2. Sing (or how to be classy when you finish your concert. He made us sing, the left side of the hall a thing, the right side an other thing. He asked that we kept singing, and he left the stage just like that, with us singing for him. I think that an amazing exit!) 

I was able to ask for 1h more :D, but 1h30 is cleary good. He conquered me with his songs, but here, he completely put me in his pocket for a long moment. I know that I will go to see him again when the first chance will appear!

Until that, I have my little bear 😉 (The only goodie that I accepted to buy, the other ones were too much expensive!)


Here we were with the smile on our lips, but the stress began to poke us. We let the traffic jam disappear, eating some quiche and crepes 😀

We took the road again! 23h… we believe in us! We can do it! And we did it! The good suprise on the return, it’s the discover of the fact that all the road under the snow could have been avoided… because the highway reachs near the zenith! T_T

4h at the morning, we arrived at Bordeaux, I let Elo at her place, I dropped Skippie at her hole, and I keep going my road to my home… 2h that I was unable to keep me awake. A good nap of 1h30 was necessary to reach my destination.

You will ask me maybe, if this concert really worth all of that. And I will answer you Yes, totally! No regret here, and if I have to do it again, I will with a big pleasure. Because, without this amazing concert, I would never live some incredible moments with two of my friends ❤


Yukiko, who is thankful to all this artists that created her all this memories…

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