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As a boy, Louis « Louie » Zamperini is always in trouble, but with the help of his older brother, he turns his life around and channels his energy into running, later qualifying for the 1936 Olympics. When World War II breaks out, Louie enlists in the military. After his plane crashes in the Pacific, he survives an incredible 47 days adrift in a raft, until his capture by the Japanese navy. Sent to a POW camp, Louie becomes the favorite target of a particularly cruel prison commander.

You need to know a thing : I hate film inspired by a true story. It’s not like I find them boring, but I cry for sure. Seriously, who wants to watch a film based on the story of an ordinary person who never did something more exciting than a rollercoaster? Voilà, we agree.

So you ask yourself WHY I saw this film in particular with my buddy Skippie… All is summarised in a word, a name, a god (yeah, i’m a lil too much enthusiastic xD), well : MIYAVI. I won’t hide you that, i’m a fan, a big fan, slightly crazy, and it’s not much better when I’m with Skippie. We are both as bad as each other.

So I was saying : MIYAVI. The guy who acts the villain, who acts for the first time in a film (I will not mention the Oresama movie whose all copies must be burned..), and it’s Angelina Jolie HERSELF who had to convince him to accept the role (hehehe, i love this anecdote!)

I could give you a whole rundown on the Unbroken’s promo with MIYAVI, but I will write so much that you will vomit by your eyes…


(i can’t resist…)

My omission of all what is not MIYAVI in the film and around the film (like Jack O’Connell and Angelina Jolie are so boring compared to him :3 ), explain my surprise when I saw the cinema full at 2/3.


I came to see the performance of MIYAVI and I received a bif slap in my face with the story (here why I don’t like this kind of films, it’s painful).

It’s painful, because during 2h, you have just an brief sight on what Louis Zamperini had lived, what all soldiers had lived during this war (and what some people live right now in some area of the world) and some moments were unbearable. The mistreatments were not spare to us.

I was impressed by Jack O’Connell (that I didn’t know), and I am more than pleased by the acting of MIYAVI. He was able to make from Watanabe, a person detestable and human, it’s almost disconcerting.


Some people will find maybe that Angelina Jolie glorifies a lil too much Louis, but EH! It’s a film on his life! So yes, she don’t talk about the after-effect of the war on him, but he managed very well, he forgave his japanese guards, and he realised one of his dreams, he ran for the Tokyo Olympic Games… even if he was 80 🙂

You know what I will say, but it’s a must-see film. Really.


“If you can take it, you can make it.”

Here the full ost ^^ click ^^

Oh, and i found by chance yesterday that Tom Felton will be in Against the Sun, a film that will be concentrate on the 47 days of survival of Louis, Phil and John (or maybe I didn’t understand at all, but the trailer is really similar at the scene in Unbroken…) 

On this, I make way for Skippie….

Yukiko, who will love to begin the book of Laura Hillenbrand


Go to see this movie was a duty for Yukiko and me. It was been a long time that we were waiting for that, and she came this week-end to Bordeaux especially to watch it with me as loyal fans of Miyavi. Furthermore this is a big event, the first film of Angelina Jolie with Jack O’Connell (in skins alias Cook) moreover, she choose Miyavi for the role of the « villain ».

I’m must say that this week-end had a very good start. We had some fun in  bar the friday night, we woke up early on the saturday morning, we made all we had to do, amongst others eating japanese food, then the time of the cinema showing. I was so excited to the idea to see this film. We were surprised because at the moment of taking the tickets, Yukiko saw that Unbroken was on the list on which it’s written that these movies can be violent so be careful to the young…above all we didn’t doubt about what we will attempt to. So we took our tickets (*o* so proud), then we went to the cinema. There was yet a lot of people. And all trough adverts, people was arriving… to recap, the cinema was full.

I’m sorry but I must do an aside about people who are eating in the cinema or still about surrounding noises. I wanted to tell people « when you eat some pop-corn please, wait to have the mouth closed for crunching, because otherwise it makes terrible noise ». And also the girls who come to watch the film in which we know that it won’t be fun but rather a story about torture, and who make the fragile little things with their « beurk » « iiieuuuurrkkk » « baaaahhh », I want to say « well, go to vomit and come after to see us when you have finish your sketch. »

THE FILM : Jack O’Connell is a very very good actor. He totally bewitched me. He was perfect in this role, he acts Louie Zamperini ^^. (By the way, nothing to do with the movie, but he has a super gorgeous butt this guy…you will see why by whatching the movie ^^…I blame myslef by thinking about that because the scene was not funny at all).


There’s also the character of Phil (sorry I don’t know the name of the actor) who is very sweet.

And the great Miyavi, I have to say hats off to him!! When he appeared for the first time in the film I told myself: « it’s ok, it’s Miyavi, we know that he is deeply kind, above all when we know that he spreads the word during his concerts », but uh, how to say that, I passed very fast from « Miyavi is kind » to « Watanabe is just horrible ». So I deduce of it that he was a good actor because I succeed to come apart his image and I really managed to  see him in the role of  Watanabe. I remember a scene in which Watanabe wanted to Louie says some informations at the japanese radio and he provocted him by saying things about his mum and at this moment, I insulted Watanabe a thousand times in my head, I even wanted to go through the screen and punch him, althought it’s the sweet little face of Miyavi.


The film is very good linked between the childhood of Louie Zamperini and what he’s going through in the american air army. There’s a beautiful music, I call that the music of the success because it’s when Louie go in mode « machine » at the time of race that it was. So « machine way »: that is when he has a fix goal, and when he gives all he got to reach it. And we see clearly when he goes on « machine way » by the movements of his head.

It’s a hard film, especially as we know that it’s a true story. Tears come easily. It gives to think, by the way it occupied my mind for 2 days. After watching this film, it’s unthinkable to complain about anything. Louie lived such horrible things and he’s been courageous until the end. Us, we complain because we are cold or just for a broken nail, Him, he stayed 47 days on a canoe and he was taken by the japanese army and the frustrated Watanabe tortured him morally and physically. During the « game » of the girder, he even had the bravery (the nuts I may as well tell you) to put it over his head, even though he was exhausted, yelling….basically he said to Watanabe « screw you ». It’s the courage of a man which is told here and not his resentment.


There were also some funny moments, especially in the canoe where they are completely in a crappy situation. They tried to find solutions for eating…I wont’ tell you anything, you’ll appreciate these scenes when you’ll go to watch the film ^^.

I also really like the fact that Angelina Jolie made a direct link between the reality at the end of the film, by showing real pictures of Louie and his family, and above all by telling us what the characters became after the war. As soon as we get out from the cinema, we made a debriefing with Yukiko. Very striking this film. Moreover the « Come on Louie » stuck you during all the movie. Some of people (in the cinema), maybe because they didn’t read the synopsis or maybe who didn’t interest about the story not as much as us, was very surprised by the film and above all about what Louie Zamperini did after the war (yes I did my snoop by listenning conversations from people sat around me).


You have to watch this film. It involves a lot of subjects, it’s not just a simple war story, but we have anger and hate due to frustation, we have solidarity, courage and above all forgiveness. Louie Zamperini was a great man, courageous, empathic and with a great heart to forgive Watanabe about the different wrongdoings that he did.

I have to read the book but the publisher is out of stock !!!!!! T.T

Yeah Skippie

Angelina Jolie with Louie Zamperini

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